About Mango Property Management

We at Mango Property Management, pledge to… wait a minute! That sounds like everybody else. Yes, we are professionals and very serious about what we do, but we also know how to keep a sense of humor. Every company has a mission statement nowadays, therefore, we thought that we should have one as well.

  • But really, our one and only goal with this company is to have happy and satisfied customers, whether they are home owners or renters.
  • Working with integrity and honesty, we will do everything in our power to reach this goal.
  • We will never take on more than we can handle, ensuring that you receive the personal attention that you deserve.

We have been a team in life and in business for 20 years. Virginie is the one who will be in contact with you whenever you need something. Ivan is the one who will make it happen for your property, or during your stay in Nosara, ensuring that the houses are fully functional all year-round. Our local staff of 10 persons and our sub-contractors will contribute in the maintenance and upkeep of the properties, and their goal is to make your stay in Nosara one of the best experiences you ever had.